Vocal Lessons

Are you looking for private lessons? Learn the basics of singing technique and how to learn a song and make it your own.

Songwriting Lessons

Do you need to hone your songwriting skills? Learn basic song structure and techniques to gather or inspire ideas.

Audition Preparation

Preparing for a special audition for a band, school musical or other show or event?  I can help you improve your vocals and presentation so that you can do your very best.

Open Mic

Do you love going to open mics but lack confidence?  I can assist you with confidence and stage presence and help you connect to the audience. I can prepare you before the performance and offer feedback afterwards (just send me a video). 


Are you a budding karaoke singer? I can help improve your vocals and delivery.  You never know you may end up wowing the audience and win some prizes!



Rates ARE $1 PER MINUTE.  ALL LESSONS ARE OFFERED AT 45 OR 60 MINUTES (1 hour is recommended for songwriting or audition preparation).  I CAN TRAVEL TO YOU OR TEACH VIA ZOOM.  HOWEVER, IN PERSON LESSONS ARE RECOMMENDED.  please note that if travel is beyond 20 miles, one way, prices will be negotiated.